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Tianjin Synthetic Material Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TSMRI), founded in 1957, is subordinate to Tianjin Bohai Chemical Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (ranked the 147th of the top 500 Chinese enterprises) and has been following the corporate concept of “having a heart of service through the hands of knowledge”.


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Currently TSMRI focuses on high polymer material, fine chemicals and related technologies, which cover a wide range of areas such as toner resin, electronic chemicals, engineering chemicals, automotive chemical, and biomedical materials. Toner resin used for duplicators and printing machines accounts for over 50% of the sales volume of TSMRI. In 2017, this product was rated as patented gold medal in Tianjin and won the honorable mention for patent of China. Our independently developed new process for toner resin of 10,000 tons and the industrialization project won the third prize for scientific and technological progress in Tianjin in 2017. Presently our production capacity of resin amounts to 12,000 tons and our product technologies have taken the lead in China and remain advanced in the international market, thus enjoying a high reputation in the market. 



In 2015, TSMRI established strategic alliance with Comet Office Technology (Comet), the second largest carbon dust manufacturer in China in an effort to raise the overall competitiveness of the resin - carbon powder industrial chain. To make our market strategy more flexible, both sides share the superior resources. By enabling TSMRI to serve as the primary seller, several types of stable high-quality products have been launched successively. In 2019, both companies will carry out further and in-depth cooperation by establishing an intelligent automatic production line which will turn out toner of 8,000 tons and resin of 20,000 tons annually. At the same time, an office consumables base with leading technology in north China will be put into place, with a view to creating a new era. 

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